A Note from Executive Director Mary Radford

Dear Friends,

When Paul tells us in Corinthians that we were “bought with a price,” he means the ultimate price that Jesus paid on the cross. In fact, life is priceless. No amount of mere money could ever save us or call us to God’s presence. How frustrating, then, that it’s money that keeps our applicants from answering that call and giving their lives to God. 

Each one of their vocations is absolutely priceless to God. Our applicants trust that this is true. That’s why, when they are told their loans will be paid while they are in formation, it’s not a surprise so much as a confirmation. We are fulfilling God’s promise to them: that if they radically trust in Him, their financial needs will be met.

Your generosity has allowed us to enable every vocation that has come our way for two years running, but this year our applicant pool has been larger than in many previous years. We thank God for calling these young souls and for trusting us to help them. We will need to scale up financially to meet their needs and we believe that we can, by the power of the Holy Spirit and through the intercession of Mary, Mother of the Church.

Please consider donating today and prayerfully consider becoming a member of one of our giving societies at Fundforvocations.org/join. 

In Christ,


Mary Radford

Executive Director


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