What Catholic Leaders Have To Say About the Fund for Vocations

“Both as a seminary professor and as someone who herself is a relatively recently minted doctor of sacred theology, I know only too well how expensive higher education can be. The student-debt crisis in this country seriously constrains vocations to the priesthood and consecrated life. Fund for Vocations does virtually important work to remedy thr situation so that the Mystical Body of Christ may continue to be blessed with holy priests and religious. May God continue to bless your work, and may your donors grow in number and generosity.” Dr. Dawn Eden Goldstein, Holy Apostles Seminary, Assistant Professor of Dogmatic Theology, Chair, Online Undergraduate Theology Degree Programs, Author, Thrill of the Chaste, My Peace I Give you, and Remembering God’s Mercy

“The need for vocations to the priesthood and the consecrated life is well known. There is a deep sadness when God is calling young men and women but they are not responding. As there is a sadness when those who want to respond are hindered by debt or the lack of financial support. This is a sadness that the Fund for Vocations aims to remedy, and I urge Catholics to support that goal as their resources permit.” Rev. Richard John Neuhaus (RIP) Founding Editor in Chief, First Things

“It is a tragic irony that when the heavens are being stormed for vocations and God generously answers, that the response can be hindered by something as minor in comparison as student loan. Yet, sadly more and more vocations are being put on hold for this very reason. That’s why vocation directors exclaim: ‘Thank God for the Fund for Vocations!’ The Fund has taken the lead in spotlighting this problem nationally and in engaging the search for creative solutions.” Rev. Andrew-Carl Wisdom, O.P. (Former) Promoter of Vocations, Director of the society for Vocational Support, Dominican Province of St. Albert the Great.

“The Fund for Vocations may well be the answer to the prayers of so many in our country for an increase in vocations. The Lord often asks for our cooperation in manifesting His grace; the more we do, the more He seems to pour out His blessings. A generous response of the faithful to the very real problem of debt among those called to the priesthood and religious life will allow men and women to respond to God in a way otherwise impossible, enable their benefactors to share in the graces those vocations so abundantly produce, and will no doubt facilitate the generous response of future vocations. The Holy Spirit is not wanting-many are being called to give Jesus their all. May the Fund for Vocations open the floodgates for the vocational fruits of the ‘new evangelization’!” Sr. Mary Gabriel, SV (Former) Vocation Directress, Sister of Life

“The Fund for Vocations is truly a gift of far-reaching proportions. So many young people in our time discover their college years the riches of the faith and a desire to serve God. Many do not have parental support and face large debts as they consider a life of total poverty. The high cost of tuition can delay entrance beyond what is a healthy wait. Indeed, living in the world can be a challenge to those who find they are being called to live single-heartedly. The Fund is a reasonable way to take the burden of college debt out of the picture so that God’s will can be followed. While so many people in the Church talk about the tremendous need for priestly and religious vocations, the Fund for Vocations is doing something constructive to support, in a most practical way, those who feel sincerely called.” Sr. Catherine Marie, OP Former Vocation Directress, Dominican Sisters of St. Cecilia (Nashville Dominicans)

“As the President of a small Catholic college in New Hampshire that has realized nearly 40 vocations to the priesthood and religious life from among the alumni over a 30 year history, I am pleased that the Fund for Vocations is providing awareness and assistance to college students with debts so that they may not be prevented from pursuing God’s call. I pledge whatever assistance I or Magdalen College can provide for success in their efforts. May God bless the Fund abundantly.” Jeffrey J. Karls, Former President, Magdalen College (now President of the Institute on Religious Life)

“There is no question about the need for religious vocations and thankfully there are zealous and committed young people ready to meet that need except for one obstacle: college debt. A religious vocation affords no opportunity to pay off college debt. The Fund for Vocations is meeting debt obstacles for those seeking to enter religious life. It is always amazing to see how God raises up fresh new efforts to meet important contemporary needs. May God bless the Fund’s efforts to promote vocations and thus build up the church in our generations.” Stephen Wood. President, Family Life Center International

“The Church desperately needs the Fund for Vocations. Too many young people are burdened with student loans that impede them from embracing the grace of God’s call. As co-workers in the Lord’s vineyard, everyone must do their part to support priestly and religious unlocking the shackles of debt so that young men and women can be free to respond to serve Christ’s Church.” Michael D. Wick, Former Executive Director, Institute on Religious Life

“I am convinced that the Lord is raising up many future priests and religious, and He is paving their way with the help of the Fund for Vocations. No unresolved debt should stand in the way of Lord’s calling. Especially at a time when the harvest is so plentiful. May the Lord of the harvest make use of this Fund to send his Church many devoted workers!” Rev. Frank Pavone, National Director, Priests for Life

“I was so delighted to hear about the Fund for Vocations because this is a very read need. Students now unfortunately finish college with large debts and if they wish to enter religious life often need to work for years before they come. The growing religious orders at the present time are not generally in a position to assume debts because these orders are growing themselves. If you want to help with the reform of the Church, this is a very effective way of doing it.” Rev. Benedict J. Groeschel (RIP), CFR, Franciscan Friars of the Renewal

“I have found that many young men and women today have been deterred from pursuing a possible religious vocation by daunting educational debt. The Fund has prayerfully researched this issue and now offers assistance that prudently and effectively meets the needs of discerning applicants. What a wonderful service to the Church!” Leon Suprenant, Former President Catholics United for the Faith

“We are blessed to live in a time of unprecedented financial wealth and at the same time challenged by unparalleled spiritual poverty. The Fund is a powerful tool which allows young people to give their lives to Jesus Christ at the Heart of the Church and overcome spiritual poverty with a wealth of divine love and Christian service, which will transform our Church and our world. Your financial investment in this fund will truly pay everlasting dividends.” Curtis A. Martin. President and Founder, Fellowship of Catholic University Students (FOCUS)

“I pray that your organization and the funds you provide will continue to be a great source of blessings in support of many future priests and consecrated religious. I want to express my deep personal gratitude to you and ask the Lord to strengthen you both, spiritually and financially, in your service to Him and His Holy people.” Most Rev. Raymond L. Burke, former Prefect, Apostolic Signatura

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