Founder’s Reflections

Just Do It

By the time I knew there was such a thing as a “vocation,” mine was completely set and fixed for life. I probably started hearing

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Last Sunday I fulfilled my Sunday obligation at a Traditional Latin Mass. The gospel for the fourth Sunday after Pentecost is the calling of Simon,

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Guardian Angels

In my experience, Baptists don’t think about angels much. Since my conversion to Catholicism, I have acquired a great fondness and thankfulness for my guardian

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Is this God’s Will?

I’ve been looking forward to a possible event for sometime now. Today, I
learned it would not be happening. The first thought that came to my mind when learning of this was “Is this God’s Will or is this the forestalling of God’s Will?”

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Today’s reality. You hear that a lot lately. But in Reality, nothing is different from when the pandemic was not the constant thought of society.

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Be Perfect Part One

Perfection of Charity

For the better part of 35 years Katherine and I have lived in Virginia while Katherine’s parents have lived in Western Massachusetts. Because of this

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