Vocations Director Spotlight

Fr. Angelus Montgomery, CFR


 Fr. Angelus is a Vocations Director with the Franciscan Friars of the Renewal. We asked him about his thoughts on the state of vocations in the Catholic Church today. The following are his words on our crisis and the need to help in any way we can, including by generously removing the obstacle of student loan debt for future men and women religious:

To walk with young men in their discernment is such a wonderful gift. As the years go on, it is becoming more and more evident that my work as Vocation Director is much less about recruiting and filling spots and more about encouraging young men to experience growth and freedom as they pursue Jesus and His will for their lives. Approaching discernment in this way takes all the pressure off! Then, it becomes about the Vocation Director and the discerner learning to open their hearts up to God, to listen to his voice and to discover the gift of trusting in him and his plan for our lives. There are so many concrete and tangible ways that God blesses men with this freedom throughout their vocational journey. It is such a joy to see men set free in their own prayer lives as they experience deeper intimacy with the Lord. It is such a gift to encounter young men who have the courage to open up their heart and story to deeper healing and redemption. And it is such a gift to discover seeds of generosity and service in the hearts of young men who find great joy in loving those around them. 

While the interior journey is primary, freedom also comes in more practical ways! This is where the Fund for Vocations comes in. There is no doubt the college debt becomes a great obstacle to so many guys discerning their vocations. While the obstacle is real, I am always hopeful and encouraged because of organizations like Fund for Vocations who so beautifully play their part in setting young men and women free to say yes to God in their lives! Discernment is about freedom. Thank you for blessing so many on their journeys! 

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