Interview with Grant Recipient Bart Upart on Pints With Aquinas

FFV Grant Recipient Bart Upart Note: This video was recorded in September 2020 before Bart applied for a grant from the Fund for Vocations. Since then, he applied and received a grant which will cover his student loan payments for as long as he is in formation with the Dominicans.

Is this God’s Will?

I’ve been looking forward to a possible event for sometime now. Today, I
learned it would not be happening. The first thought that came to my mind when learning of this was “Is this God’s Will or is this the forestalling of God’s Will?”

Perfection of Charity

Be Perfect Part One

For the better part of 35 years Katherine and I have lived in Virginia while Katherine’s parents have lived in Western Massachusetts. Because of this accident of geography, I am familiar with just about every possible way to drive between Virginia and the Berkshires. Freeways and backroads; direct, indirect, and completely out of our way. […]

On the Feast of the Holy Family

I have been struck, in the weeks since Christmas, about how often the life of the Holy Family is the subject of the Church’s attention at this time. It’s logical, given that we have just celebrated that rather incredible event of the birth of the second Person of the Godhead into a human family. This […]

Newsletter Spring 2021: Thanks Be To God…Even In Troubled Times

I am blessed to benefit from many good homilists at Sunday Mass. In preparation for Lent, one of those homilists pointed out that, as much as we must be particular in the confession of our sins in this life, when we encounter Christ at our final judgement, He won’t be running a finger down our ledger.  The […]

Sister Raphaelle Marie

Sister Raphaelle Marie

“Even in moments of suffering, God gives the grace and there is a deep, abiding joy.”

Catholic organization pays off student loan debt for those entering religious life

Published in The College FixMaria Lencki – Franciscan University of SteubenvilleNovember 10, 2020 ‘The world needs these heroic young men and women’ The Fund for Vocations, a Catholic charitable organization, helps men and women respond to God’s call to religious life by paying off student loan debt that prevents them from entering the seminary or […]

Compass Catholic Ministries Podcast – Father Brent Bowen

Money Stories: The Effect of Student Loan Debt on Vocations with Father Brent Bowen Father Brent Bowen finished his undergraduate studies and promptly started his master’s degree. It was at that time that he realized his calling to become a priest. At that point, he had six figure student loan debt. His story shows how […]