Preserving the Faith in a Secular Culture

A decade ago, I was asked to speak to a chapter of the Serra Club on the topic of Preserving the Faith in a Secular Culture. What I said back then is still relevant, not surprisingly, and I share it now. (Serra Club, named for Fr. Junipero Serra, of California Missions fame, promotes vocations to […]

Guardian Angels

In my experience, Baptists don’t think about angels much. Since my conversion to Catholicism, I have acquired a great fondness and thankfulness for my guardian angel. (I’m pretty sure that angels don’t have a sex, but I always think of my guardian as a “he,” so I’m going with it.) I am particularly happy to […]

Sr. Kelsey Ann Shaver

On 8/11/20 Sr. Kelsey Ann Shaver, ASCJ renewed her temporary vows of poverty, chastity and obedience at Mount Sacred Heart Chapel in Hamden. These vows are renewed annually until Perpetual Profession. Apostles of the Sacred Heart Celebrate Vow Renewals, New Novice  – Diocese of Bridgeport ( Sr. Kelsey has a Physical Therapy Doctorate degree from […]

Duty of Evangelization

Last night I saw (only saw, I keep the TV on mute for commercials) a commercial featuring Billy Graham’s son preaching to a large crowd saying encouraging things about faith (there were subtitles). As an ex-Baptist, I realized that the commercial was not taking place in isolation. In all likelihood, in evangelical churches across the […]

Interview with Grant Recipient Bart Upart on Pints With Aquinas

FFV Grant Recipient Bart Upart Note: This video was recorded in September 2020 before Bart applied for a grant from the Fund for Vocations. Since then, he applied and received a grant which will cover his student loan payments for as long as he is in formation with the Dominicans.

Is this God’s Will?

I’ve been looking forward to a possible event for sometime now. Today, I
learned it would not be happening. The first thought that came to my mind when learning of this was “Is this God’s Will or is this the forestalling of God’s Will?”

Newsletter Fall 2020

Father Brent A. Bowen, O.P.

It started with the recognition of what a gift Faith was. A little while into this practice, it occurred to me that perhaps I should also include the other theological virtues and so I added Hope and Charity to my prayer. I have now been thanking God each morning for Hope for some 20 years […]