Sr. Ann Dominic, OP

Out of a desire to pursue God’s will, she attended the Catholic University of America, where she prayed daily, “Lord, if you’re real, will you help me to know you and serve you?” And God, as He promises to do for all of us, answered by changing her life; not only did she gain the […]

Sr. Magdalene Grace

“It is so important to say yes to the calling of God.” Sr. Magdalene Grace, Carmelite Sisters of the Most Sacred Heart of Los Angeles Sr. Magdalene Grace was raised in a devout Catholic family in Ohio and she didn’t feel the call to religious life until after she attended college at Ohio Dominican University. […]

Sister Raphaelle Marie

Sister Raphaelle Marie

“Even in moments of suffering, God gives the grace and there is a deep, abiding joy.”

Sr. Mariana

Sister Mariana

“God gave me the graces I needed to truly open my heart to His gentle and persistent knock.”

Sr. Veronica Mary of the Transfiguration

“After the purifying fire of the loss of employment, debt and other humbling experiences, the Lord has created in me a heart that desires Him and Him alone.”

Sr. Miriam Esther

“I realized that a calling to the contemplative life is really an invitation to begin participating in the joys of Heaven while still on earth …”

Sr. Benedicta

“I knew from that moment something had to be done.”