Today’s reality. You hear that a lot lately. But in Reality, nothing is different from when the pandemic was not the constant thought of society. Before the pandemic, we were all sinners and we still are. Before the pandemic, the greatest moment in the history of existence was the Annunciation, the Incarnation. It still is. Before the pandemic, Jesus Christ was the channel of
both our creation and our salvation and was King of all. He still is. He always will be. This is Reality.

Human society has been out of touch with reality for some time. As science began to mature, men began to think they had a new grasp on reality. They mistook understanding real things and how they worked for control over those things. They got a hold of the rather bizarre idea that if they understood how something worked there was no longer any mystery about why it worked. And then they capped that off with the even crazier idea that they could change the way things work.

Creation still works the way God designed it. But we’ve been living in unreal world of perceptions and sentimentality, where truth is personal. Can it be any wonder, then, that the world has had a difficult time coping with the pandemic. A prudent approach to handling the pandemic is difficult to ascertain when leaders have the foundations of Reality to build upon. In the shifting sands of truth-of-the-moment they are lost. It’s rather incredible that they have done as well as they have.

As we all deal with the tail end of this calamity, let us get back to Reality. God is still in charge. He always will be. If you have lost loved ones to this scourge, I mourn with you. Whether the cause of those losses was the virus or ineptitude of fallen creatures, God still has a plan for us. He still desires for us to meet Him so He can bestow upon us the ineffable Reality of His love for us. Let us beg Him for the graces we need to continue in our love for Him.

By: Corey Huber, Fund for Vocations Founder

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